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No two canvases are the same size, so at EZ Art Frame we are currently offering four different sized frames to give you the ability to cut the wood to the appropriate size to fit your canvas. The four sizes are 60x40, 90x60, 120x90 and150 x 90cm. The EZ Art Frame is a tapered frame and this is the standard used by professional framers. The reason that tapered wood is used to stretch canvas is so that the painted surface of the canvas does not touch any flat surface. If something other than the outer front face is touching the back of the painted surface over time it will imprint on the painted face through harmonics, which is tiny micro-vibration of the canvas. Imprinting is not a short-term prospect and we also offer square wood that is inserted into square not tapered corners. This design is perhaps slightly more rugged and can be reused many times especially if being used by artists for painting on. When a canvas has been completed it can be removed from the frame and a new canvas stapled in place, or the frame size can be changed and a new canvas attached. There may be times that a squared profile of the wood may be preferred. While the corners are well made and quite robust for what they are intended for, they are not indestructible, so please take care inserting wood into them and they will perform as described. If you do damage a corner while inserting the wood please return to the address below and a new one will be mailed to you.

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